The Best Place For Trendy Eyewear Designing and Manufacturing For Global Brands

At Techno Design Optical Factory, we believe in the pure blend between comfort, fashion, and function. This has made us come up with an experienced in-house design team that constantly works towards coming up with innovative and iconic designs for our client’s brand design developments. We are custom eyewear manufacturers who believe in creating the ideal combination of product design and art which makes us evaluate and conceptualize ideas to create a tangible product that would suit everyone across the world.

Our design process involves a dedicated flow of thoughts that include:

  • Hand Drawings
  • Colour Drawings
  • Production Drawings
  • Prototypes

Designing the Perfect Eyewear – Custom Eyewear Manufacturers For Brands Across The World

The first step to coming up with our high-quality iconic design concepts is hand-drawn sketches. This involves a rough idea of what the eyewear is supposed to look like that is then converted to a digital format using special software. Following this, we use colours to bring the hand-drawn sketch to life with the customer brand’s logo. Once the design and colour scheme is complete, we visit it back in a few days to make changes, if necessary, as per client requirements.

Following this, our next step in eyewear designing and manufacturing is to come up with production drawings. This step involves marking the design with parameters such as the A-Size /B-Size /Base Curve /P-Angle /Cross Sections: A: A/B: B/C: C/D: D /Temple Length /Thickness / Bending Angle / Lens Curve, among others. The production drawings are the penultimate step (the next step is technical drawings) that determines how the final product is supposed to look like before it goes into production. To maintain the coherence of the designs throughout the range, given the fact that our team works on several client requirements at a time, we create a few prototypes.

The design team sends the drawings, colour theme, and design instructions to our manufacturing plant so that they can come up with a few prototypes for the client. Once that is approved, we begin mass production of the eyewear. We also offer a fast rework service for brands whenever they feel like tweaks are necessary for the design. The research and development team at Techno Design Optical Factory ensures only the latest technology and new material is used in the production to get the best results that suit brand requirements at a reasonable price.