Using Sustainable Materials to Manufacture Designer Optical Glasses

At Techno Design Optical Factory (H.K) Limited, we believe in preserving nature and the world’s beauty. Thus, we have taken the initiative to use sustainable materials to provide the same products while protecting nature.
The sustainable material used for our products includes all the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the original material, thereby not impacting the quality of the results.







Techno Design Optical Factory (H.K) Limited aims at reducing the plastic waste that is typically sent to landfills. With the New Carbon Renewal Technology, we tend to give life to a new flake for produce optical frames. This helps achieve a significant reduction in the resources that have been used in the process, thereby shining a light on the reuse and recycling of the products.

Top Green Facts about Our Sustainable Products

  • Less Transportation & Time for Construction = Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Fewer Materials = Reduced Wastage
  • Never-Ending Life Cycle = Reduced Production Waste
  • Design Flexibility = Efficient Insulations

Benefits of Using Sustainable Material

  • High-Quality Products
  • Fewer Emissions
  • Happier Clients
  • Market Differentiation
  • Efficient Production

Let us save this beautiful Planet.