Sourcing Service

Source The Right Ready Goods From Expert Eyewear Frames Manufacturers

At Techno Design Optical Factory, we recognize the requirements of all types of businesses – big or small. While on one hand, we focus on designing and manufacturing metal frames and sunglasses for brands; on the other, we provide exceptional sourcing services at Techno Design Optical Factory. With more than 27 years of presence as one of the leading eyewear frames manufacturers in the industry, we are well connected with over 500 Eyewear Factories in China (Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Dangyang, among others) for ready goods. On the same, we could print your brand name & logo with a lower quantity of 100 pieces/model /25 pieces per colour.

Typically, our company has an OEM manufacturing minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 400 to 600 pieces in each model (in 4 to 5 colour choices) although it’s dependant on the price range and material. We have a delivery time of around 7 to 15 working days from the days of deposit. However, if you are a small business that wants to establish your brand with a quick ready goods supply, don’t want to wait 90 to 100 days for “made-to-order” production, and yet don’t have the requirement to meet our standard MOQ, you can get in touch with us for our sourcing services. We promise unmistakable international style, uncompromising quality, and on-time delivery to all our brand partners.

The Intricacy of Opting for Sourcing Services

As sourcing professionals, we at Techno Design Optical Factory evaluate the market, negotiate the terms of the contract, and supply a small batch of ready models with your brand logo on them. We have a collection that spans across the world and gets updated every week with over 300 new models. While we share the latest collection, you can select the type of model you would like us to come up with. Keep in mind, as per our sourcing services, you have to have a MOQ of 100 pieces/model /25 pieces per colour.

Our products are made up of sustainable material that ensures they are durable and available at reasonable rates. Once the selection process is complete and the invoice is generated, we print the logo of your brand on those ready goods and then ship the same to your address. Through our services, you can establish consistent supply chains for eyewear, thereby proving beneficial for your business.


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